Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Now this may come as a surprise to you, but I write a blog. Yes, I do, I swear. And as a result of this blog writing, I've actually taken the time out the past couple of days to have a look through some other blogs knocking about to see what all the fuss is indeed about.

Except I haven't really looked at other blogs. You try and Google some funny blogs and see if you can find something with a slight bit of an aim on writing topical and humerous quips day in, day out? I bloody well can't!

You go to the top of this page right now, and click on 'Next Blog.' I'll give you about 3/1 on it being about Jesus. Or photography. Or a photographer named Jesus. Of Warrington.

The only one I've found is an absolute cracker and I have spent a good few days (don't worry, I read slow) reading some of the entries and pissing myself. But other than that, they're all hiding! I have Googled high and low and I still cannot find some other funnies to amuse myself.

So I can only apologise in being the only blog like mine I can actually find on the internet! If this be the case, then I shall strive to do my best in keeping up my onslaught on all things everyday!