Monday, 5 July 2010

From Walton to West Derby

Inevitably for most, there comes a time in your life when you have to fly the nest and set up on your own. As someone said to me not so long ago, there comes a point when there are simply too many adults living in the one house. You're bound to annoy each other for one reason or another so it's time to set up our own house.

Now I've technically done the moving out thing before. Except last time, there wasn't really much to do with regards to setting up, and we were probably spent more money on crates of Carling than the rent. Fuzzy times. Part time work and a sore liver saw me return to my parents house, tail tucked neatly between my legs.

But now I'm doing it grown up style, as I don't work nights in a call centre any more. As Stan Lee nearly once famously said, 'with proper relocation comes proper responsibility.'

I've got so much more to consider now. First off, I've got about a million things I've got to change my address for. Bank and phone bill are just the start.

Then there's sorting out your council tax and electoral roll stuff. If it weren't for the Internet, I wouldn't have the foggiest where to start with those.

Then there's the Internet. It's probably a sign of the times when I'm considering the TV and broadband packages as bills and not luxuries, but how could I leave all of you high and dry with regards to you all reading my random shit chatting?

There's the furniture to consider, as well as bedding and curtains. Tea towels, bath towels, hand towels. I could go on, but it's actually starting to look like my list for stuff I need to do in order to have a new flat to live in without any repercussions.

After going through a lot of this stuff, I've decided there is one massive difference between the last time I moved out and now. And yes, there's the obvious stuff such as the employment situation, the difference in age and the fact that I'm no longer going to be living in Walton.

But I'm talking about the difference in my approach to the whole thing. Last time, it was a trip to Ikea for a few knives and forks, some cups and glasses and a child's night light to put outside the bedroom to signify that we were not to be disturbed. Now I'm looking at the whole thing, thinking of what we need to live there in a reasonably comfortable manner and how we can prevent people knocking saying that we owe them £10,000 in telly licence fees.

And this is because there is a female involved. I'm certain that if I was moving out on my own then the beanbag and PC chair in my room would represent a sufficient seating solution for two people. And I definitely wouldn't be asking for measurements so we can sort some curtains out. But now, I have bought bar stools for the breakfast bar. We're sorting a nice couch out. Curtains are a must for the bedroom. And I'm pretty sure I heard the word cushions the other day.

What's more, I'm actually taking a step back and checking out my finances and seeing whether we'd be able to do it comfortably. "The man from Del Barclays. He say yes!"

So there it is. When you're moving out and you want to do it properly, make sure there is a woman involved at some point. I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Nice blog Joey, can't wait to get you two a moving in pressie !! Good luck with it all hun xxx

  2. Nice read mate, I went through the same with my gf! It's all worth it though mate.


  3. Off its tits that lad, its all fun and games til joey gets a flat.
    Dont even get phone, telly and t'interweb m8 jus send smoke signls to Tatey and get him to ring people for ya ha ha
    H Bomb ;)