Thursday, 8 January 2009


(Blog wrote on 26th April 2007)

Whoever invented alchohol is a cheeky cheeky bugger! Putting something so beautifully hilarious in the same bottle as a bint of a head the next day! The origin of the English word "hangover" is unclear, but some suggest that it simply describes the position of the sufferer the morning after a night of alcoholic excess, their head "hanging over" the toilet bowl. Wherever it comes from, it tastes like lastnight!

The new beer fridge in my room has proved to be a blinder upto now, supplying me with a variety of colder than usual beverages at hand! So this morning, the best thing ever happened! My bottle of water had half frozen and I had a freezing cold hangover fighter! Bonus!

So I lay there, pondering the night before! The events that contributed to my sore head! There was the Chelsea game, a 1-0 defeat which will be turned over by the redmen at home! I'm confident of that! Then there was the bottles of Bud in our pub! They possibly helped the head-ache happen!

Then there was the Cava and Popworld! There were shots and beer involved in both, but only dancing in Popworld! Probably the funniest dancing I've ever seen, from Lee Mc - or Ace Ventura to us! Gaying it up has gone to new levels! In saying that I think he went home with someone so I'm not arguing against his methods either!

After there, we ended up going the Mood, as Medication had finished for the night! I found a boss green hat which you'll see on my pictures somewhere! And as there was a lack of cloakroom in the Mood, I saw someone from school behind the bar and she said leave my jumper behind these signs on the bar! A little bit wearliy I did so, and I still have it now so I was wrong to think someone would have it off!

From there it was to a different chicken gaff which doesn't have the credentials of Hardman Pizza, the genuine Chicken Gaff! As I think it was that chicken burger and chips that caused my hangover! It's easy to point the finger isn't it? Thank you all for a boss night anyways, and say no to big men with massive, massive heads in the toilet who offer you drug dealers phone numbers! Or they'll drag you through the shit!

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