Friday, 20 February 2009

The Credit Crunch

Now it's a touchy subject the credit crunch. As it affects everybody! Apparently. We're reminded daily of this recession we're going through. People losing jobs because companies are going bust. People losing their houses, because they've lost their job, etc. You get the picture.

But the real implications of a recession only hit home when it affects you directly. I had one man on the phone to me in work today complaining about the stock market and what not. In all honesty, the only stock most people around my part of the world know of is the one you throw in gravy. It's not that different in my everyday life. I have no money, because I spend it. On stuff. This was the already case before the papers (and me, of course) were writing about it.

The main thing most papers or people seem to talk about is your every day shopping. We've always had Vosene as shampoo in our house. I haven't a clue if this is good or bad. Vosene could be the Ferrari of the shampoo world for all I know, but I've grown accustomed to it and that's that. Yet when you find that you're left with fake 'Asda's own' Vosene, you know things have become slightly difficult.

But then there is Listerene in the bathroom. This is priced astronomically high considering it has the taste of petrol and a window cleaner. It may clean your mouth to a higher standard than most mouthwashes, but so would bleach. And you can get that in lemon flavour! So perhaps our shopping hasn't been affected as much as it seems. My Mum still buys Dairy Milk's that I wouldn't dream of eating (Whole Nut, Fruit & Nut, etc) and we still have enough Bran Flakes to build a small village.

But noting supermarket's prices fluctuating is a little objective. Food prices have always went up. Every year. Recession or not. The utility bills are getting a bit silly though, that is true for everyone. But that's down to the numpties knocking about saying using electricity killed Flipper and his Polar bear mates. They've have to up their keep so as to cope with all the energy saving shite they've been forced into. I moved out of my parents' for a bit last year and the first thing I noticed was how expensive lager becomes when you have an electricity bill to pay.

I'm not saying that there isn't a recession going on. Because there clearly is. All of the banks have went tits up because they took your mortgage to Vegas and threw it on red! But the noticable stuff really isn't that bad! You can go bowling by ours for 1p. For the whole day! That makes a change! And the supermarkets trying to 'out credit crunch' one another is only going to be good for your cupboards! And if all else fails, we could all stop using electricity and keep the numpties happy!

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