Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Sponsor a Scouser

(Blog first wrote 30th April 2008)

I've just been watching Scrubs whilst going about my usual affairs when an advert comes on the telly! And it concerned sponsoring a dog!

And it's not a bad notion, don't misunderstand. The dog companies do need money and it is a very worthy cause, much the same as the other sponsor style companies. Just so I don't get my arse sued!

But to spout bullshit that your dog will then write to you every month? This paints a different style picture! Now I have the image of a sweat shop, full of poor little puppies slaving away at a typewriter with some mean Miss Trunchbull style character behind them cracking the whip! Poor little fuckers!

Then there's the notion that elephants, tigers and lions can all do the same! Sitting away writing a monthly letter of gratitude with their specs on at a mahogany desk, sipping a nice hot steaming cup of mocha!

They even blag that dolphins can do it! First of all they haven't got opposable.... anything! Then there's the small matter of a lack of underwater word processors! Yet the very fact that these adverts still get air-time suggests that the adverts work, or at least have done in the past!

And that got me thinking! (Always a good thing when you realise a blog is a little too short! ) Why not set up this type of thing for me mates and myself? Sponsor a Scouser!

We could go on an advert too! We could be running through the park, looking desolate! In desperate need of beer, Playstation games and humerous little toys (Transformer's paraphinalia will never be too childish! ) And we could offer meet and greets wth our sponsors! Swerve these poxy letters, we'd like to be face to face with our fans!

So if anyone feels the need to sponsor anyone or anything in the next few weeks, forget texting WOOF to 61234 (no bullshit, wrong number but you do text WOOF to sponsor a dog! ) Text CARLSBERG to 19777881840508 (or just e-mail me for my Paypal account and I'll happily take on any of your spare change to make you feel better about yourself! You have a nice day!

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