Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Whatever Happened To Board Games?

(Blog first wrote 24th March 2008)

Board Games

After a long gruelling weekend, involving beer, chocolate, failed flirtation experiments and more beer, me and the lads in La Casa De Los Pantalones were winding down with a few beers and some dvd’s when AJ decides a board game is in hand! And the board game in question, Hotel, dates back to before I was born yet it still looked in pretty good nick! With 1986 pasted about the board’s edges, it made me wonder what really happened to board games!

I mean, the game was fantastic! I think it was a glitz and glamour Monopoly alternative, and to tell you the truth, I think Monopoly has still won as I never recalled the game Hotel! Although I would have been a toddler during it’s first rounds so I can’t really comment!

Anyways, I remember during my youth that board games were, pretty much, the shit! Scrabble was a bit daunting for a young’un but it weren’t that bad! Trivial Pursuit was a piss take, but I don’t think it was designed around mid-90’s scouse youth culture! We were too busy watching Power Rangers and climbing fences! I think the rest of England were sitting around reading and educating their blossoming little minds! But anyways, I digress!

What I’m saying now, is that board games aren’t really noticed that much! I worked in the youthy and there was the odd kid who wanted a game of Connect 4 (odd kid meaning every now and then, not that he was a bit strange and that! ) or Kerplunk! But they lost interest and went to play Pro Evo on the PS2! When I was a kid, we all fucking loved Monopoly and Go For Broke! Mouse Trap was like a wet dream, only it was wipe clean, a bit less fiddly and you can do it in front of your Mum! Even the lesser know ones like The Great Museum Caper was a rasper! (I recommend someone look that up, it was a scream!)

Even Monopoly realises it’s had to change now! You don’t even use notes on it anymore! You’ve all got a credit card and just transfer money, like a flash fucker! Plus, it probably makes more money on selling the Monopoly game on the mobiles! I’ve got it! It’s good like but it lacks the old gamesfun value! Plus the computer is a clever cunt, buys everything!

I think they’ve all missed out to the Playstation generation. Attentions aren’t held unless your bombing fuck out of some poor fella’s house on Grand Theft Auto or taking off heads in some sort of zombie game!

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