Wednesday, 18 February 2009


The fashion life cycle. It makes me laugh. About 3 times daily. People walk past in a different top and all I can think about is that somebody has sat down, with a pencil and some paper, and thought, 'this would look handy on a supermodel for next weeks show.' Which advertises it. People like it.

They then get passed onto the shops. Who advertise it as looking handy on a supermodel. And then 'chunks' purchase them, in the aim of looking quite handy, like a supermodel. And then the top is replaced and it goes out of fashion. And has to be binned.

Don't get me wrong. I understand that looking good is paramount these days. But it's the direction of fashion that has me worried.

The very fact that Australians can, and have invented boots that would make Eskimoes feel toasty. The fact that the more dangerous the heel, the better it's meant to look. The very existence of platform shoes.

Lumberjack shirts are the best one of late. A shirt, designed to be worn by big hefty examples of male, is now only allowed to be worn by skinny examples of Indie culture. It beggars belief.

Yet I do understand the idea of wearing something so someone will comment or think it's fantastic. I love any type of classic Adidas trainees. They are fantastic and they just don't go out of fashion. They stand for the culture of our great city and how us nicking them on away days in the Eighties led to people around the country copying us, albeit with ever so slightly worse looking Hi Tech and Kappa examples.

So the hands down winner is the Samba. It'd kick the shit out a fashion belt and some skinny jeans any day.

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